Need Fleet Maintenance? Oil Changes overdue?

Fleets of cars and trucks serviced RIGHT (Individual vehicles and RV’s, too)!

The trucks shown below belong to a thriving business that is based in Phoenix. They have a fleet of about 40 vehicles, AND…

Before InSite OilChange, they would handle fleet maintenance like this:

  1. Send an employee with the truck to an oil change shop, which meant down-time for the vehicle and no productivity from the employee.
    2. Pay the price of the oil change PLUS the employee’s wages while he sits there waiting.

Now… they have InSite OilChange do the maintenance right at their office OR at a job site. This means:

  1. Little or no vehicle down-time.
  2. The vehicle’s driver continues working.
  3. About the same price for the service.
  4. No paying an employee to sit at a lube shop!

AND… while we’re there we do the owner’s truck and one or two of the employees’ personal cars, so they don’t have to go get it done on the weekend.

Makes a lot more sense, doesn’t it?

InSite OilChange – We Come to You!

Oil changes, air and cabin filters, wipers, lube jobs and tire rotations are available.

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