Thanksgiving and Christmas might be the most popular times to visit family and friends. If you’re concerned about flying or about staying in a hotel because of the COVID pandemic, we have some suggestions.

A great COVID-safe way to visit friends and family who live in other parts of the country is to rent an RV. If that’s something you’ve never done, relax – it’s been made simple and convenient. You’ll get to travel without having to deal with airports and flights or with hotels and motels, and you can do it on your schedule.

Driving an RV is really not a big deal. The best way to get used to it is to first watch a Youtube video or two about it, and then to practice maneuvering the RV you rent in a large, open parking lot before you hit the road. You’ll want to become comfortable with the size of the vehicle, which may seem daunting at first but you’ll quickly be at ease with a bit of practice. Try out the turning radius, the mirrors and also backing up. Most RVs have back-up cameras. If the one you rent doesn’t, always use a spotter (someone outside directing you) when you reverse.


If your trip will take more than a day, there’s a nice variety of choices where to park overnight on the way to and from your destination. You’ll want to plan ahead where you expect to stop each night. While there are nicer options, perhaps the easiest places are Walmart, Cabela or Bass Pro parking lots – most of those stores allow it. But for what may be a more comfortable and restful place to stay the night, check out the website below. It lists some tools (apps and websites) that are great for finding the best places to stop. Many farms, wineries and other great places have jumped on board, offering RV’ers fun, relaxing places to stop for a night or longer.

RV Overnight Stays While on the Road

There are also many RV resorts and camp sites that offer plenty of ways to have family fun while also maintaining social distancing. You don’t even have to leave the location if you don’t want to, as most have playgrounds, volleyball courts, fishing, water sports, barbecue grills, and even outdoor movie nights.

As you can see, there are many ways to create a memorable getaway with all the comforts of an RV. Campgrounds encourage us to truly enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re taking morning walks, enjoying picnic table meals, or gazing under the stars, an RV vacation brings you closer to nature and closer together (while staying apart). There are a variety of studies that point to the rejuvenating effects of time spent in the great outdoors. So whether you want to make it a quick overnight stop, or an actual vacation time as you make your way to or from those you’re visiting for the holidays, the many ways to enjoy RV travel make it a lot more attractive than you might have thought.

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Listed below are some different sources that offer RV rentals. Check them out for yourself!

Two websites that offer rentals from local dealers and individually owned RVs:

Two websites that offer rentals from nationwide RV rental firms:

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