When your car’s Check Engine warning light comes on, a common response is, “Oh no, what’s this going to cost?”. The light could mean there is a costly problem, like a bad catalytic converter, OR it could be something minor, like a loose gas cap. The catalytic converter is part of the engine’s exhaust system, and if a failing “cat” is not addressed, the problem may cause your vehicle to fail an emissions test or not run properly. A gas cap that’s not fitting tightly causes gas fumes to leak into the atmosphere, and you can a new one at any auto parts store. Another common reason the Check Engine light is on can be a failing O2 sensor. Not replacing that can cause the engine to run less efficiently, and your spark plugs or exhaust system may be harmed.

So what to do?

Your mechanic can plug an OBD scanner into your car and tell you possible causes – many repair shops don’t charge for that (ask).

Another way to get a preliminary test done is to go to an Autozone auto parts store. Many parts stores will test the vehicle for free (regarding the Check Engine light) but Autozone will provide you with a printed report showing the possible cause(s).


Over the next few weeks we’re going to provide answers to some of the automotive questions we hear most often. Next week we’ll post an answer to the following question:

“The mechanic says my vehicle needs a brake/transmission/coolant fluid flush. Do I really need to do that?”


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