Car Thieves: 6 Things They Don’t Want You to Know


The National Insurance Crime Bureau says a car is stolen every 45 seconds in the US. In 2007 metro Phoenix was one of the top car theft areas in the country. As of 2018 we’d dropped to 94th, a great improvement, but thousands of cars and trucks are still [...]

Car Thieves: 6 Things They Don’t Want You to Know2018-09-04T03:22:07+00:00

Fleet Maintenance the SMART Way


Need Fleet Maintenance? Oil Changes overdue? Fleets of cars and trucks serviced RIGHT (Individual vehicles and RV's, too)! The trucks shown below belong to a thriving business that is based in Phoenix. They have a fleet of about 40 vehicles, AND... Before InSite OilChange, they would handle fleet maintenance [...]

Fleet Maintenance the SMART Way2019-09-02T22:30:47+00:00

Full Synthetic or Conventional Oil???


There are many opinions and articles out there on conventional vs. synthetic blend vs. full synthetic oils. Here’s some good info to start with: Full synthetic oils need lower levels of viscosity index “improvers”, which are the oil components most vulnerable to thermal and mechanical degradation as the oil [...]

Full Synthetic or Conventional Oil???2018-09-26T23:09:39+00:00

OnSite OilChange is Changing to InSite OilChange


...is changing to... WHY: OnSite OilChange, LLC was formed 7 years ago in February, 2011. Shortly after that we applied to trademark the company name. Our application was turned down. The reasons why don't really matter at this point, but what does matter (besides the fact that we will [...]

OnSite OilChange is Changing to InSite OilChange2018-09-26T23:12:19+00:00

Phoenix Fleet Service: Golka Electric Prefers InSite OilChange


Family-owned Golka Electric relies on InSite OilChange for fleet service in Phoenix. Fleet service in Phoenix, AZ For more than 40 years, Golka Electric has worked with Phoenix homeowners and home builders to integrate custom electrical systems and lighting control units for both custom homes and renovation projects. Whether [...]

Phoenix Fleet Service: Golka Electric Prefers InSite OilChange2018-08-08T18:31:14+00:00

InSite OilChange Fleet Maintenance Service for Fluoresco


Valley leader in lighting and signage systems, Fluoresco, relies on InSite OilChange to service their fleet. Phoenix fleet maintenance Fluoresco has been leading The Valley with innovative lighting systems and signage for over 50 years. Fluoresco (an Everbrite company) designs, manufactures, installs and maintains everything from indoor/outdoor displays to [...]

InSite OilChange Fleet Maintenance Service for Fluoresco2018-08-08T18:32:18+00:00

InSite OilChange: We Come to Your Fleet


         Ckick here for more about InSite Fleet Services FLEET MAINTENANCE AT YOUR COMPANY LOCATION OR AT THE JOB SITE. Here are quotes from some satisfied customers: “We definitely recommend using InSite OilChange,” Beth G. says. “InSite OilChange is really trustworthy, reliable and organized. A real plus [...]

InSite OilChange: We Come to Your Fleet2018-09-26T23:15:16+00:00
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